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What Are Online Marketers Ignoring That Catapults Customer Response?

Free Advice From A 20 Year Marketing Veteran

I successfully consult for a living and have for over 20 years. My services span world-wide and have directed online marketing successes to new heights. Clients have experienced growth in web site sales that tops a 400% increase in sales within 24 months.

Guess what? You too can experience unbridled success!

Biggest Obstacle of Online Marketing Success

  • It's not the economy.
  • It's not lack of funds.
  • It's not selling to a limited niche market.

So what is it?

Lack of personal involvement and going the "extra mile" for a customer. If you don't have your company contact information at the top of every page in your site, re-design to make it happen. Make it easy to contact you. If you don't have a picture of you and your staff available, get those out there too. Make your business real for your customer!

Customers like being catered to. Particularly in a "down market", customers want to know that their hard-earned dollars are appreciated. They want to know that they are valued.

Did you know that you can increase customer retention and repeat business by doing three simple things?

3 Things To Grow Customer Retention and Repeat Business

  1. Follow up on EACH and EVERY sale with an email
  2. Follow up on EACH and EVERY sale with a phone call (YES - a phone call!)
  3. Follow up on EACH and EVERY sale with a direct mail piece, announce new sales and include coupon incentives - and make your packaging attractive, bright colored, and with a hand-written note.
The Reasons Marketers Resist

The main reason marketers are losing customers almost as instantly as they gain them online is simple. Old customer retention techniques are being written off as ineffective, boring and "a waste of time" when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Marketers resist the "List of Three" above because the age of the Internet has dumbed-down communication between the seller and the customer. The customer is no longer "catered" to. This is a mistake.

Personal communication is KEY to growing any business. There are so many scams on the Internet that people are getting weary of being targeted as gullible, faceless, nameless buyers. When you communicate on a personal level with your customer, you are establishing a relationship. You are removing the perception that you just want to take their money and run. You establish that your business is in this for the long-haul and you care about their happiness and satisfaction.

Marketers also think that personal communication is not necessary in this "new age" of e-commerce. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I have MORE calls and compliments by doing one simple thing for my clients. When they sign a contract with me for my services, my new client ALWAYS gets a big box of quality chocolates with a personalized note to welcome them and show them that I appreciate them. It also shows them that I am fully committed to taking care of them and catering to their wants and needs. You want customer loyalty? You have to realize that the customer wants to know that you are loyal to them. That should be your # 1 priority.

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Karen D. Hill

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